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My Total Health Clinic is an integrative medicine clinic located in Rhode Island. Our goal is to improve the total health and wellness of our patients through integrative health care. We offer a broad range of services that includes the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic conditions with an emphasis on safe and effective treatments. We focus on targeting and treating the root cause of your health condition rather than merely alleviating your symptoms.

My Total Health Clinic specializes in integrative medicine with an emphasis on natural hormone balancing. We are a premier destination for bioidentical hormones. We help both men and women restore hormone balance and optimize metabolism. We treat the whole patient, thoroughly evaluating the individual and customizing a proactive program to restore hormonal balance and improve overall wellness. The best of western medicine is complemented with innovative, well documented alternative therapies.

Natural Hormone Balancing (Women and Men)

Hormone Balancing and Restoration (Bioidentical Hormones)

- Women's Sexual Health (female sexual dysfunction (FSD), hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), decreased libido)
- Men's Sexual Health (erectile dysfunction, decreased libido)
- Menopause
- Andropause (Low-T, low testosterone)

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Weight Management

We provide professional weight loss expertise to help you lose weight and keep it off. We offer effective medically supervised weight loss that is customized to the individual.

We offer several services to promote safe, effective weight loss

- Nutrition and lifestyle consultation (Licensed Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic)
- Pharmacotherapy (when indicated)

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Energy and Vitality

Fatigue compromises quality of life for both men and women. Energy is a complex phenomenon with both physical and mental contributions.
General fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of patients. We are committed to work with our patients to uncover the cause(s) of their fatigue.

Some common biological causes of fatigue include:
- Thyroid and endocrine disorders
- Adrenal fatigue
- Insomnia
- Vitamin deficiencies