Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Rhode Island
Patient Care
You are considered an essential partner in your health care. At our clinic you will receive a comprehensive medical exam during which your individual needs will be assessed. Dr. Edoro treats the whole person: the physical, hormonal, mental, emotional, and sexual aspects with an integrative approach. We help both men and women restore hormonal balance and optimize metabolism.
Becoming a Patient
When you call for an appointment, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that provides insight into you medical history. You may also be required to have blood and saliva laboratory testing done before the visit. Filling out the questionnaire and performing the laboratory tests prior to the visit allows for a more effective initial visit. Below is an example of a typical bioidentical hormone therapy visit.

  • Laboratory testing - blood and/or saliva testing (completed before the visit so results are available)
  • Comprehensive medical exam and review of symptoms, medical, family, and personal history
  • Medical interpretation of laboratory tests and symptoms - natural hormone balancing
  • Custom compounded high-quality bioidentical hormones - ready same day

Ongoing evaluations and subsequent laboratory testing to optimize therapy

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Contact Information
To schedule an appointment, call (401) 244-5225.
Business hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

My Total Health Clinic
17 Coventry Shoppers Park Unit #2
Coventry, RI 02816

If you have contacted My Total Health Clinic and were provided a login ID and password to access one of hormonal imbalance symptom rating forms click the appropriate link below:

Female Hormonal Imbalance Symptom Evaluation Form

Male Hormonal Imbalance Symptom Evaluation Form