Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy - Males
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My Total Health Clinic advocates an integrative approach to bioidentical hormone therapy that encompasses a holistic approach that includes lifestyle management and preventative interventions where medically appropriate.

Men of all ages can benefit from bioidentical hormone restoration to correct hormone imbalances. Men experience a gradual decline in male hormones (such as testosterone) as they age. This decline in hormones may be the root cause of many chronic health problems. Male hormones like testosterone can have profound effects on the well-being of a man. Low testosterone (low-T, andropause, man-o-pause) can cause symptoms such as loss of muscle mass, fatigue, low energy, depressed mood, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive (decreased libido), and more.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is an approach to correct any imbalance in hormones with bioidentical hormones. What "bioidentical" means is that the hormones prescribed are the hormones in their exact molecular form as they naturally occur in men. They are not the chemically modified salts and esters of physiologic hormones as are used in many commercially manufactured products.

Dr. Edoro offers the latest in evaluation and treatment of low testosterone in Rhode Island. Symptoms can be quite varied, and simple blood tests can often aid in diagnosis and treatment, often with dramatic improvements.

Simple, daily applied, topical gel agents have become popular, simple treatments. Compounding pharmacies can custom compound topical treatments tailored to the individual patient's needs. In addition to topical creams and gels, injections, pellets, and oral therapies are sometimes used.

Our Approach to Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

By incrementally adding the amounts of any hormone required (bioidentical) in an attempt to reduce or eliminate symptoms, replenish deficiencies, and/or prevent the onset of age-related diseases.

Examples of the more common bioidentical hormones we restore with male bioidentical hormone therapy are:

  • Testosterone
  • Pregnenolone

Each patient receives a customized therapy following a comprehensive medical evaluation of symptoms and hormone levels (blood and/or saliva tests).
When resorting the appropriate (physiologic) amount of one hormone we always take into account its impact and further need for other hormones, always considering the overall physiologic pathways and homeostatic mechanisms.
We regularly monitor subjective symptoms and perform objective tests (laboratory analysis, physical exam) while striving to achieve the best possible therapeutic outcome. We are cognizant of each individual patient's ever moving targets and goals of their individualized therapy.
With our approach of applying only the necessary amounts of hormones to achieve the maximum therapeutic outcomes, we are minimizing the potential for negative side effects
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There have been clinical research studies on bioidentical hormone therapy and more are underway. There are risks associated with any prescription therapy and the risks versus the benefits for patients should always be considered by the patient and their doctor.
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